International Conference «National Cultures in the Intercultural Communication» – 2019

On 11 and 12 April, 2019, the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference «National Cultures in Intercultural Communication» was held at the Belarusian State University, organized by the Department of Cultural Studies (Faculty of Socio-Cultural Communications of BSU) and Foundation Cultural Heritage and Modernity.

The main fields of the conference:

  • National cultures and intercultural differences;
  • Paradigms of the safeguarding of cultural and natural heritage;
  • The national cultural heritage of modern civilization;
  • Anthropological and psychological aspects of intercultural communication;
  • Modern cultural industries and cultural management;
  • Pedagogical aspects of cultural education and communication;
  • National forms of literature, art, and design in cross-cultural interaction;
  • Interaction of cultures in the context of globalization and socio-cultural differentiation;
  • Linguistic support for cross-cultural communications;
  • Modern media in culture and intercultural communication.

The conference included a lecture by Professor of the Department of Economic Informatics with the participation of the Department of Cultural Studies Robert Eckhart (Ohio State University, USA), dedicated to issues of intercultural communication and cultural studies, and a excursion along the Upper Town, which was conducted by the architect Tamara Matyl.