Modern Digital Technologies for Museum Collections

The International Workshop «Modern Digital Technologies for Museum Collections» took place in Minsk on 26-27 January 2016. It was organized and conducted by the Foundation Cultural Heritage and Modernity in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, the National Commission of the Republic of Belarus for UNESCO, The Yanka Kupala State Literary Museum, the State Military History Museum(Minsk) and with the financial support of UNESCO.

The main purpose of the Workshop was to familiarize the Belarusian museum community with the modern technologies for creating electronic depositories of high-quality digital copies of museum objects. The event highlighted the most interesting and successful international projects in this area.

The Workshop addressed the issues as follows:

  • the digitalization and digital content access policies regarding the objects of cultural heritage;
  • the financial and legal aspects of digitalization;
  • digital archives, metadata, and search engines;
  • new services and resources provided for users;
  • the trends and technologies for presenting the materials on the museums’ sites;
  • the use and preservations of the digitized cultural information.

As a result of the Worksop, the publication «The Formation and Use of Digital Museum Collections» was presented, which contains an overview of foreign museum practices on digitization of museum collections and their use in educational and communicative activities of the museum, as well as recommendations to museum databases.